Monday, December 1, 2014

I am a Hindu and I have no Religion

                     What does Religion is all about ? What's the relevance of religion in a human life..? is it getting the pleasure of heaven while dying like a beast in any bloody holy war ?

                      1. If putting bane on slaughtering of cows ll lead to communal disharmony, in a nation where the holy cow being worshiped from the time immemorial, where more than 90 % of its population daily nourished with dairy products , which contributes a huge share to the national economy and more importantly the first freedom struggle against the British colonialism has been fought on the backdrop of using cow fat as grease by the British army.

                      2.If teaching Sanskrit ll lead to communal disharmony while the Sacred Vedas has been written in it,which is our national identity ,heritage,belief;  a language is as old as the human civilization , a language which is the mother of all Indian languages and which united India at the time of demographic, social, cultural and political turmoil, a language once taught the world about universal brotherhood, love, friendship and in fact science and technology and still unexplored to the modern world, 

                       3. If worshiping the Motherland ll lead to communal disharmony.If celebrating the birth anniversary of a noble man and freedom fighter Raja Mahendra Pratap Singh inside the university campus will lead to communal disharmony, while the raja himself  donated land for the establishment of Aligarh Muslim University .

                        Then , I ll denounce such religion .... Today I proclaim before the crowd, I am a Hindu ; the resident of the land where the river Sindhu flows, and I have no Gods or Goddess to worship, I don’t follow any Prophet and their prophesies .My Gods and Goddess are the trees where once I cradled on their branches , the rivers once I bathed with rejoice , the mountains where I ate the juicy fruits ..yet she never asked me anything in return... My motherland which nurtured me as a mother, protected me as father, loved me as a friend, is greater than all ...I don’t need the pleasure of heaven ..because I am in heaven ...and I most humbly pray before every one don’t make my motherland a hell .... I hope we ll not witness a day to replace our national anthem with some ''praise the queen or king '' like song just bcoz the present anthem clings to the language Sanskrit and it portrays worshiping the the sacred rivers of Hindus....Don't we practice Yoga and use Ayurveda as health tonic while it has its origin in Hindu texts ...No doubt this was the English conspiracy which had been sawed at the time of British imperialism by Thomas Babington Macaulay to keep this country unstable. Now Its high time to act with our renewed vigor and jeal to save our motherland ...Lets declare the sacred rivers , the Sanskrit Language , and the Holy cow as our National Heritage .Enact a law to stop cow slaughter, Make Sanskrit Compulsory in schools and Colleges, Teach Patriotism and Ethics according to Vedas...only then we can save our country from this social, cultural, political turmoil...otherwise we ll not be left to say ,''Even God cant save this country''..Even somewhere in earth the tyrants like Winston Churchill, Adolf Hitler, Osama –bin Laden, has been worshiped as great leaders ...The choice is with us to whom should we follow... Mahatma Gandhi or Bin Landen .....

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