Monday, October 14, 2013

Belated Benevolence

Belated Benevolence
It has been seen that some ruling party workers of the state govt are trying desperately to gather some cheap popularity by publicizing their effort to minimize the causalities in the present pre forecasted cyclone. It’s a ridiculous effort by the workers to compare Very Severe Cyclone Phailine with Super Cyclone of 1999, rather concentrating on how to rehabilitate and compensate the cyclone victims whose precious homes and livelihood has been devastated and shattered in the fury of this disaster.  It is to be felt that the a hell and heaven difference between social life of 1999 and 2013 ….we can say we are in the modern world where everything is on our doorstep .the information and broadcasting technology has reduced the distance along the geography  and we are reaping the benefits of neo economic liberalization. We developed better infrastructure in terms of military, satellite technology, weather forecasting, roads, buildings,  IT and ITES .In the year 1999 barely some metros have GSM and CDMA network and some high profile industrialists of the country were availing the benefit of mobile technology. But now we are witnessing a quite different scenario every village is connected with internet and mobile technology and even poor people are availing its benefits. Many electronic and social media came in to position for clear, accurate and effective dissemination of information and news and information across the country. Many flagship programs have been promulgated by Central Govt to buildup better infrastructure across the country.
In the verge of oct 1999 a monstrous super cyclone hit the coastal belt with its furious outfit which was totally unexpected for the nation and it ruined everything within a nick of time and life comes to a standstill after the cyclone aftermath. The result was so scary that some 15000 ppl were killed and corers have been displaced and the devastation was in an unprecedented scale. All these happed only because of lake of information, lack state of the art technology and awareness among the people, weak weather forecasting system, improper dissemination of information, lack of preparedness, weak economy, and a frail ruling govt.
But in the present time we got ample time to evacuate and displace the cyclone prone people to much safer places by creating awareness through various channels. The role of IMD, IBD,NDRF, Odisha Govt, ODRAF and other social service Orgs effort to be praised to carry out the forecast in a proper way to minimize the loss of life .But still we have failed to protect the home and property of the people which also we can minimize if we would have developed better infrastructure for the ppl who are availing low infrastructure in terms of dwelling and road connectivity .we could build  Pucca houses for those ppl who are living in thatched houses and displace them from low lying areas to much safer places .

It  ll be unfair if we ll only blame the then ruling party by  turning a blind eye towards the loop holes and negligence of the present ruling party rather taking proactive majors  for a long-term settlement from frequent natural menace affecting the coastal belt while we have almost everything on our disposal now. Because it won’t be possible every time to displace and evacuate people in such a huge scale when we have little time to react and natural calamities enter uninvited without a knock. If the govt would have implemented various national flagship program’s  like PMGSY(for Pukka Sadak), Indira awas Yojana(for Pucca houses), RGGVY(for rural electrification), MGNREGA(for poverty elevation and & building rural infra) , TSP(for sanitation), NRDWP,NRHM, VAAY,MPLADP etc properly , we would have succeeded to minimize the loss of  property too though home is something so precious that an individual owns in his lifetime .Any way there is no doubt this is another lesson for us to be prepared next time and  we couldn’t ignore thanking our CM for his belated benevolence towards the people of Odisha.


  1. You have already covered the exact area of science, IT and social media. My sincere regard to you.
    At the same time my suggestions and comment to the system is :- Not to allow such kuchha house/slum in rural/urban and play politics giving grant, relief and rehabilitation. These grant/relief/rehabilitations are nothing but instrument to play politics and creating havoc and attracts emotional/sentimental supports.
    The post cyclone expenditure (budget) could be utilized before for better infrastructure and livelihood for the same people to prevent them from such tragedies without evacuating in large number and radioing 7 lakh or 10lakh life saved and needing help from NDRF/ARMY/NAVY/AIR FORCE (all central agencies).
    See the Power Sector (Electric energy, supply, distribution and its services) of the State. Restoration will take more than 15 days. Why because all over head power cables and poles are broken. Why over head why not under ground cabling ? How much will be the expenditure again and again during such disaster? What is the planning of Centre and State? I hope if better plan would be prepared for underground cabling much could be saved.
    I would say no past and present govt. to be blamed or praised.
    Everybody Pilot over the open and smooth sea but few are there in the Harbours. Let us watch till end of the show. JAI JAGANNATH

    1. yes precisely Bidyadhar Nayak babu ...thru fiber optics technology telecommunication facilities can be modernised and rural drinking water and power can be restored thru ground cabling ....many preventive measures can be taken to safeguard the life and property of the people....of at all we are living in 21st century now..

  2. , it seems this blog post strikes on our CMs ear...any way a good start but ....with some special funding's it shall be built as cyclone shelter houses by raising at least 5-6 feet from the ground level to prevent it from inundation by flood water ....