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I found these producers has a great sense of marketing (by targeting / segmentating / positioning). It has been done very carefully to give these films a  hit so that these people can gather a huge profit out of it sacrificing the lives of crores of people who lives on faith.

No doubt some Dhoungi babas(self styled Godman ) are doing “ Sradha ka dhanda’’ but these producers  are doing ‘’Sradha ka ninda ka dhanda’’.

1.       In every movie one thing is common that why milk, ghee , Curd, Chandan, Flowers, Leafs , Honey has been wasted while the money spent on this can be sued for curbing the hunger and poverty of the needy??

Ok let’s have a list of things which are to be used in a temple:
1. Milk 2. Ghee 3. Dahi(curd) 4. Gud 5. Coconut 6. Cotton wicks 7. Idols 8. Vilwa Leaf 9. Holly Basil (tulsi) 10. Different Oils (Til Tel,Castor oil etc) 11. Different flowers (especially Lotus, Tagar, Dhatura, Tulsi Jata, Arakha flower, marigold etc) 12. Incense sticks and Dhup 13.Chandan(Sandal wood paste)14. Turmeric etc

Now look at the persons who are producing and selling all these items. There are some million crore people who are getting their livelihood by selling all these things. In fact they represents the neglected and lower line of the societal pyramid. For giving livelihood to this section of the society there has been celebrated different rituals and festivals around the year. If people ll stop purchasing all these things ll likely snatching their livelihood from them . In India there are billions of people who are unskilled and not fit to work in a factory and there is no such factory where workers are not been exploited.

''Manaba Seva ,Madhava Seva'' (Serving Human is like Serving God), whoever contributing their money by purchasing from this needy people is like serving them.

And whatever has been offered to the deity, 70 % of which has been again consumed by us . These  are the  herbs which are of highly medicinal properties. The Ghee lamp and Incense are being used to purify the air.

Can we employ the unskilled mass on such a large scale? Can we produce money not by devastating and displacing the ecology and community?

Its certainly sad to see anyone starving. But do merely donating and feeding them ll wipe out poverty and Begging? People ll be more idle and don’t do any work and they ll simply come to the temple and start begging. Instead of begging they can sell Bilwa patra, Cotton weak, Dhup , Ghee, Milk , flower , Tulsi etc ..Hinduism preaches about be self reliant and self employed (in fact this was the oldest procedure for Self Help Groups). Create your own livelihood but not by begging. For this reason there was no thief and beggar in India until the Muhgahals and Britishers came.

for more details  click on the link: Oh My GOD

2.       Why someone says to visit the sacred places ?

Unity in Diversity has been possible in India due to Hinduism .Today India is well connected length and breadth instead of such huge difference in culture, Language, Lifestyle, Eating, Dressing  etc, only because of  pilgrimage. And this pilgrimage is open throughout the years. Without which India would have been divided in small small countries.The Indian tourism and Hotel Industry runs for pilgrimage to the holly places which spreads through out the country.  Indian Railways earns a major share out of it. Our Nation's Money has not been gathered with a specific person but it circulating all over India as well as it produces wealth and revenue for the government.

While the producers didn't have a script to produce a movie , they picked up the Stories and Tales from Mahabharata and Ramayana.The foundation stone of Hindi film industry has been laid on the great epics of Ramayana and Mahabharata.The first Bollywood movie was ‘Raja Harischandra’ , which was based on the tales from the Epic Ramayana about the legendary King Harischandra.   Not only Hindi film Industry, many regional film Industry has been started by filming the stories from ‘Ramayana’ and ‘Mahabharata. Now these films Industry are earning crores of rupees and giving employment to thousand and lakhs of people .

Human life is like a River .A river's ultimate aim is to mingle its water with the ocean in its lifetime , while it passes through very difficult terrain to reach an Ocean.It reaches the ocean by irrigating the lands and clinching the thirst of thousand of creatures . If it ll cross  its boundary  either there must be a devastation around or it might lost itself somewhere in the ground without reaching ocean . It has to maintain a specific path all along so that every one can benefit and it can reach its destination. Human body is as like a river , a humans ultimate aim is to reach God and before reaching God he has to be kind to the surroundings (May be a Human or Animal or any creature).

To be kind and to be discipline a Human practice Dharma ( Not to be confused with the word Religion) ,our  Dharma is Humanity , Love , Brotherhood , Kindness, Compassion ...We usually forget about the reason of our life by delving in materialistic and bodily desire. To makes us aware about our duty, God has sent many messengers to make us aware about our duties.

A Sacred Sanskrit Verse Says ,

     Vidya Dadati Vinayam, Vinayad Ati Patratam |
     Patratwat DhanamApnoti, Dhand Dharma Tatah Sukham |

(true/complete) knowledge gives discipline, from discipline comes worthiness, from worthiness one gets wealth, from wealth (one does) good deeds, from that (comes) joy.

In reverse, To be happy in life we have to do good deeds, to do good deeds we have to acquire wealth in a righteous way , to acquire wealth we have to be worthy , to be worthy we have to be disciplined , and to be disciplined we have the acquire complete Knowledge (i e wisdom).

So,there is  no doubt all these temple are doing business ,and this business creates employment, livelihood, without harming the ecology which ultimately leads us towards happiness.

The five pillar of Islam says to spend Money on Jakat (giving support the needy )

The Christian missionary spends crores of money on spreading the gospels of Jesus Christ: the money donated by the Business Tycoons and The followers of Jesus Christ.

So all the religion preaches the same Ideology for happiness ..

From my little sphere of knowledge I found out the abbreviation for PK ..PREM KARO/ PRARTHANA KARO/ PRAY KARO but Sahi kamoka NInda mat Karo aur Buri kamoka Ninda Karo .

Before Making a film first do a research of the script and its values ...Otherwise it ll be like a 'Alpa Vidya Bhayankari(little knowledge is dangerous) ' kind  thing.

Instead of defaming the faith of billion of people. promoting the venom of Love Jihad. Kiss of love, Communal disharmony , Bollywood should focus to create films on Science and Technology , New Inventions and Discoveries , Films based on History which ll give a good direction to the youth of this country .

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