Thursday, June 25, 2015

Secrets of Puri Jagannath

This blog is written to acknowledge the people how the ancient economy worked through spirituality and a sustainable form of business environment.

Lord Jagannath

Rathyatra(Car Festival)

Handicrafts of Odisha flourished for Jagannth Temple 

Eplique Work 

Stone Carving 

Odissi Dance and Attire 

Trakasi or Silver Filligree work 

Earthern Pottery and Abadha Prasadam 

The Prasadam has been served Mahaprasad (Oriyaମହାପ୍ରସାଦ) is the term applied to the 56 food items offered to Lord Jagannath in the holy Temple of Puri, located in OrissaIndia.

Four hallowed shrines located at cardinal points of the Indian sub-continent i.e. Puri, Rameswar, Dwarika and Badrinath are believed to have been liked by Lord Vishnu intimately. It is said and believed that He takes His bath at Rameswaram, meditates at Badrinath, dines at Puri and retires at Dwarika. Hence, the temple food "Mahaprasad" (not simply prasad) at Puri is held to be of supreme importance.
When the steam cooked food is carried to Lord in slings of earthen pots no flavour comes up from the food but when the same is carried back to the sale point after being offered to the Lord a delicious smell spells along in the breeze to the pleasant surprise of the devotees. Now the food is blessed.
Mahaprasad are sold in Anand Bazar or the Pleasure Mart of the temple which is situated on the north east corner of the outer enclosure of the temple. It is the biggest open-air hotel in the world where every day thousands of devotees purchase and eat together forgetting their caste, creed and status

Pattachitra painting of Puri Dist(Raghurajpur)

Brass and Bell Metal Work of Ganjam and Nayagarh District

 Horn Work of Gajapati Dist

Odia Literature 

Odia Classical Dance and Songs

Odia Script 

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