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The picture tells about the story when the Ponds of Gokula was poisoned by a Venomous many hooded serpent Kalia, and the cattle and Human were dying by consuming the water of that pond ....When the situation brought in to the notice of Sri Krishna , he entered into the Pond and Tamed the serpent and Danced on his numerous heads by holding his tail in his hand without killing him, which subsequently nullified the poisonious effect of Kalia and the water of the pond turned as consumable by the creatures and Humans ...

Modern day Symbolism:

Our Rivers/Ponds/Ground water has been contaminated by many industrial waste products/chemicals/other things ( Which resemblance to the Kalia snake and its numerous heads).The outcome is the creatures who are living on a pond and ocean ecosystem  are suffering from the poisoning/contamination. Subsequently the human race also suffering a lot.

The environmentalists ...Who represents lord Krishna...Krishna= Black/Blue=Space =Any one who has those qualities can fit on his attire...


People were worshiping God Indra for rain, good harvest but Lord Krishna Opposed it, and told the villagers to worship cow, and the hill nearby which gives them food , rain ,shelter.Convinced with Sri Krishna's suggestions people stopped worshiping lord Indra.Indra became angry, and showed his anger through flood and drought in the village. Krishna then lifted Mt Govardhan and held it up for the protection of people and cattle from the wrath of Lord Indra. Indra finally accepted defeat and recognized Krishna as supreme.And gradually the peace and prosperity returned in the Village Gokula.
Symbology: Modern Depiction

The God Indra(god of ecstasy and pleasure) is non other than our Indriya (our scenes always need pleasure and ecstasy)

The actual meaning is we are obsessed with our materialistic and bodily desires and worshiping our Indra (Indriya : Senses ).We think our demand, misery is producing food but in fact we are destroying the resources to satisfy our demands.Whenever we stop fulfilling the desire of senses it is hurting us.(as god Indra started hurting the villagers). So we have to stop worshiping our Indriyas (God Indra) and we have to worship our Soul and the nature(Lord Krishna) to be-happy.

We are contaminating the soil with the poisons like chemical fertilizers, Polyethylene , Heavy metals etc for better yield and to fulfill our wishes but in the contrary it reduces the fertility of the soil and we are getting a small hike in yield for a specific period of overcome the problem again we are applying more Pesticides and Fertilizers  for better production which gradually kills the fertility of the soil ....
When we stop using these fertilizers or stopping the use of products produced by foreign MNCs( like Coka Cola, Pepsi,Mc Donalds, Liquers, Burger,Pizza)  the yield is not as the previous one and we could not feel good by consuming milk and other healthy foods respectively which is resemblance to the wrath of  Lord Indra. 

The Mountain Ecosystem is one of the delicate and largest ecosystem in the world. It provides 80% of freshwater and home to million species of flora and fauna.By lifting/protecting the mountain eco system lord Krishna has restored a sustainable lifestyle for the people, which nourished the cows and promoted Ayurveda from the herbs from the mountains which forced Indra dev to surrender before Lord Krishna. 
For a sustainable living we have to worship the environment, the cow and our Karma (good work), then only we can live joyously .

"There is plenty in the world for man's need but not for man's greed."


Again our Western friends justified that Brain Drain is Good for an Emerging Economy Likely they previously found out Eating 'Marijuana' has tremendous health benefits ....One have to salute these Ten headed Ravan of the modern world ....They think-manipulate-change everything for their own good...We can relate the present situation to the Mythical Villain Ravan, when Ram was trying to behead on head of Ravan , another new head was replacing the previous one ,likely the western nations are gathering money in a very shrewd way through various nocious ways through MNCs(Cocacola, Pepsi, Johnson and Johnson, HUL,P&G etc), International organisations like UN, WTO, IMF, IAEA etc, Christan Missionaries ...they are gathering  huge wealth by unethical means ...this is how the Mythical brahmin King(Intellectual) Ravan ....they built Modern day Subarna LanKA(UK,EU,US,UAE) sucking the blood from the poor ???They have the worlds most sophisticated Puspak Vimana(Airforce One) .....and has worlds most lethal weapons in their enormous hands...Some of their Tapsya (hard work) has been blessed by Lord Shiva(personified in their draconian inventions and discoveries) ...Now they are going to lift up the mount Kailasha(Human Race in Danger) and can be blessed with Chandrahas (the most powerful weapon of Mankind) by him(shiva).... Hey Vishnu please take the Ram Avataram Once again ... we are waiting for you in KaliYUg .....Come and stop these multi headed Ravans,Cut down their heads one by one ..... we ll help you as Vanara Sena .....We usually forget our strength as Hanuman does ....We desperately need a leader like you ...

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