Thursday, June 27, 2013

A Small Story Underneath

It’s a small story from a flood hit area some location unanimous.

After a flood aftermath a Poor woman and a child has been rescued by the army personnel from the flooded river and has been taken to the rescue camp. At that time the girl child watched on TV  that the nation won an alien match (alien because that wont belongs to the nation, that was the game of a colonial country who ruled and looted the nation and shaken the very backbone once upon a time) and the players has been awarded with a lump sum amount of money. The girl got confuse and asked her mother “Mama, why these men are so happy at this time of national tragedy and why they have been awarded with such a huge amount of money”. Mother Replied “ Beta, they are the heroes of our nation, they played a game and won the trophy for our country, that's why they have been awarded with a huge money and applauds “. The girl replied, “Toh Mama, the soldiers who fight for us so hard in this weather and saved our lives , aren't they our heroes ? Why our govt is not awarding anything to them? They also well played and won our hearts mama”. Mother replied “that won’t happen in our country when it comes to the downtrodden and the common man, our govt has not enough money to give us”. The little girl again asked ‘”here so many people are hungry and struggling to get food and shelter…some are dying in horrible pangs of hunger and cold but why our govt is not doing anything?  Aren’t we the children’s of this nation?”. Mother replied “Beta have patience, our govt must have been planning something for us, otherwise may have collecting money in their relief fund and then they will distribute us.

After years passed but nothing changed, no one has arrived from the govt side.Finally the day arrived the Netas are in a bee line to the flood hit victim area to show their sympathy and distributed some money though it was the time of assembly election.That time the poor girl asked her mother who are these people with white attire and why they are distributing money freely?

The mother brought tear in her eyes ,answering herself “ Beta, these white dressed people have many names  as , public servants’ , leaders of nation, makers of nation etc… but I name them as ‘White Elephants’ who come down once from their heaven to our hell to seek and beg our vote, to remain in heaven for another five years. And the money which are being distributed to us for gaining votes were once meant for helping the Flood Victims.

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