Thursday, August 25, 2011

Crusaders against Corruption??

Anna Hazare, Arbind Kejriwal, Kiran Bedi, Prasant Bhusan…these name are being chanted by millions of Indians every day and the Indian print and electronic media is in a 24X7 days full coverage over their campaign against corruption. Now the matter is that, this 74 year old Gandhian activist is in his own way to fight against corruption with a non Gandhian principle i.e. Fast unto death, which is totally undemocratic and unconstitutional. To gain support from the public the Anna team has raised a strong issue of corruption which has its deep root in the Indian political system. Now team Anna is demanding for a strong ombudsmen like Lok pal who will sit on top of all the democratic institutions viz. Judiciary, Parliament, and Bureaucracy from a Peon to PM to sort out all the issues related to corruption.
If we will roll back to some few days this Anna phenomenon gained a huge momentum with a most irresponsible step taken by Delhi police by detaining Anna and his team from their residences. And above all, the home ministers’ statement was so embarrassing to tackle that situation. The whole issue was administered by the ruling party in a totalitarian manner which galvanized the middle class Indians to rush on to the streets, and Anna Got a huge support from the public. The so long anger of people over the rampant corruption and spat of big ticket scams by the ruling party has hailed suddenly on the streets of Delhi and all over the country.
The parliament of India is the supreme legislative body in the country and the Indian parliament possess legislative supremacy and thereby all the ultimate power over all political bodies over India. The law making procedure are done in the parliament. For this the parliamentary committee plays a vital role in the parliamentary system, they have a vibrant link between the parliament , the executive committee and the general public. Before an item of legislation becomes law it may be known as a bill. All the legislative proposals are brought before either house of the parliament in the form of a bill. Then the draft which will pass by both houses of parliament and assented by the president of India, and becomes an act of parliament. This is how a law will come in to existence in a parliamentary democracy.
But unfortunately the team Anna(Big Brother) demanding to bring such a bill by ignoring the interests of either house and the parliamentary standing committee, which is an undemocratic way of protest and which points to Anarchy.
Now take the Anna bill as granted but after enactment of that bill, will the entire problem related to corruption be solved? Is it justifiable to hand over the authority to a person who will have the total and absolute power over the judiciary, bureaucracy and political system and which is an unelected super god over all the democratic institutions ? From the present situation it is quite clear that the Govt. and the politicians have certainly lost the link between the people and their party members, which is a threat to the country’s democratic tranquility.
No doubt Anna and his team would be noble men and fighting for a noble cause but the way they have chosen that is totally against the principles of a democratic and constitutional sovereignty. Now let us see how far this Team Anna’s demand will be fulfilled in the course of time and only then it could be justify whether these activists are really crusaders against corruption or not.

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