Sunday, July 10, 2011

Odisha and Mining-2

The Land of magnificent temples and architectures is now regarded as the land of mines and minerals. Orissa occupies a significant position in India’s mineral map, in terms of its resources and production.

Odisha’s mineral deposit is not only vast but also equally diverse bearing 16.9% of the country’s total mineral reserve. Odisha has been the leading producer of the minerals since three decades.

The Ministry of Mines 2009-10 report says that Odisha shares the highest percentage of mineral reserve with it ,viz. Chromite(95%), Nickel Ore (92%), Cobalt Ore(69%), Bauxite (55%), Titaniferous magnetite (51%),lime stone( 40%), Iron ore (33%). It also has the precious metals like ruby and platinum in its womb.

In the FY 09 Odisha ranked no.1 in terms of mineral production in India. Odisha shares the highest production among India’s mineral producing states viz. Iron ore (34.4%), Bauxite Ore (30.4%), Chromite (99.2%), Manganese Ore (32.0%), Coal (19.9%), and Graphite (45.0%).
The mineral wealth of a country is pivotal to that countries Industrial development while mining contributes to huge wealth creation through foreign exchange and employment generation. Most of the countries of the world have prospered by utilizing their mineral resources in a proper way.

Odisha has the abundant mineral reserve in its crust and has all the potential to build a robust mining industry to generate more foreign exchange and employment.

Due to its liberalization and globalization of business policy many multinational mining firms throng to invest in Odisha, but unfortunately when it came to Resettlement and Rehabilitation of the local communities and environment both the govt. and the firm failed to resolve the matter, which shows a poor and inexperienced strategy for a healthy and positive industrialization in the state.contd.....

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